I came to pottery as an escape from my days cooking as a personal chef and discovered I'm truly a maker at heart.  Whether it's a pot of soup or a porcelain vase, my workday isn't complete until I have a physical object to show for it, and I now spend more time in the studio than the kitchen.  I imagine how each piece I make will be used in someone's home, and my goal is simply to make beautiful, useful pots.

I'm constantly amazed by the science of glazing and firing, and the interaction of different clay bodies, shapes, and textures.  Some pots may be constructed in the same way but the beauty of handmade ceramics means that each piece has a character of its own.  I've learned to embrace the subtle runs of the glazes and each imperfection that denotes that my hands, not a machine, worked with the clay to give it shape, color, and life.

-Gay Heit
San Francisco, California